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Running a business
Running a business is all about doing so with as much efficiency and speed as possible and because of that choosing the best platform that you can is key. With so many different b2b ecommerce platforms out there it can be difficult to figure out which one has all of the right features that you would need in order to run your business which is why in this article we are going to talk to you about two of the best platforms available to you in Canada. Shopify and IBM WebSphere are both incredible options that you should look into, so make sure to keep on reading this b2b ecommerce platform comparison to find out more about them.


Since an ecommerce works exclusively online, something that you need to be extremely wary about is data protection. Because of that, you need to look for a platform that will make you feel confident that you are meeting all of the necessary standards when it comes to collecting payments online. The PCI, or the Payment Card Industry, has certain standards in place when it comes for an organization’s security, so the platform you work with needs to follow those standards. Shopify’s shopping cart is the perfect choice because it supports, both, credit card and PayPal payments and it will also allow you to integrate with any other payment gateways of your choice. When it comes to WebSphere, the WebSphere Commerce Payments supports a variety of different online payment options perfect for b2b ecommerce and it also behaves like a cash register for your site. Both of these solutions will allow you to run your online operations safely.


When you are a business owner, pleasing your customers should always be your top priority and self-service is something that you should especially focus on because polls have shown that people in Canada find that to be a really important factor when they are choosing which business to work with. A great thing about Shopify and something that is pretty rare is the fact that this platform allows you to make your store public or completely restrict the purchases only to those that have accounts. Your customers will also be able to write comments and specify options for themselves which is a great way to entice them to shop from you. WebSphere has a WebSphere Commerce Aurora storefront and it includes a very special customer service option that is able to support registered customers as well as enable customer service representative take care of some common customer issues that may come up and take orders on your behalf.


Product management is the next item on this b2b ecommerce platform comparison because it doesn’t matter whether you have a few products or you have a complex product catalog that is large, the one thing that connects the two is the fact that your customers will want to find each of those products quickly and easily. When looking for a platform, ideally you want to find something that will give you the ability to offer a personalized view to each of your customers in order to impress them even more. Shopify allows you to do just that by giving you a number of third-party catalog options in the Shopify App Store and adding all of your product information is also pretty straightforward. When it comes to WebSphere, there is a catalogue of content templates and different targeted content that you can create by using audience segments. You will also find “portlets” that you can use in order to customize your content even more, which is definitely something that your customers will appreciate.
Now that you have found out more about these two great platform options in Canada it is up to you to decide which one you think is the better fit for your own b2b e-commerce. We hope that you found this b2b ecommerce platform comparison helpful and that one of them will be the perfect choice for your business in Canada.


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