How to bring your B2B business online

To generate a lot of sales and expand your business, you need to bring your B2B online. Nowadays most of the clients are online, and it pays if your B2B company is digitised. For your business to be prominent online and be visible to your target audience, it is imperative to launch a website for it. This article explains tip that will help anyone looking for B2B e-commerce solution with minimum resources.

Identify What Your Market Wants.

It is essential to identify the problem that the customer has and bring a product to solve their problem. At this stage interact with the customers and ask them what their challenge is and deliver a product that will provide a solution to this challenge. This strategy helps you to create a B2B plan which is customer-centric.

Learn More from Offline Ordering Trends

If you have been in the B2B business for a while, it easy for you to know what most companies want. You can also tell if they will like to do business with you. Knowledge of their behaviour, habits and needs offline will help you design a website suited to them. Your sales team will also be so helpful in providing you with information about customer needs and habits.

Conduct User Testing

This strategy helps you to understand whether your website will work well for your B2B clients. At this stage, if there are issues with the website usability, they can be resolved before launching the site. It is essential to work with agencies that provide tools for website testing. Testing will occasionally be conducted after going live to cater for new product features.

Experiment and Add The Right Tools

Once your launch is live, it is crucial to add tools and functionalities that enhance user experience. They include a shopping cart and payment options that favour your options.

Use Personalized Marketing

Create personalized catalogues for your products. It is more appealing to your buyers as they can easily relate to the content and if possible take a step of sending monthly emails including special discounts. Make every email relevant and exciting to the customers while ensuring it has a personal touch.


Remember to bring your costumes on top B2B platforms if your business was initially offline. This will help you keep your loyal customers even as you look for ways to generate sales. Let your customers understand the benefits that come with an online sales portal.


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